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More Than Just Good Fashion

Popinjay combines luxurious craftsmanship with ethical business for style that deserves your lust!

Our Ethos
Luxurious Craftsmanship

Popinjay products are individually handmade, with the love and care of a master of her work. They represent a revival of ancient craft techniques, bringing you a little bit of history and old-world class. We spend months finding some of the world’s most skilled artisans, embroiderers, and pattern-makers to bring you the finest workmanship—and it shows in every product we make. When you buy Popinjay, you buy quality.

Go behind the scenes
Breaking The Rules Of Fashion

In a world addicted to fast fashion, mass production and cheap knockoffs, we take pride in prioritizing quality over quantity. Paying meticulous attention to every detail in every product we make, we bring you exquisite, timeless pieces that are an antithesis to the modern pandemic of producing and consuming faster.

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Story of change

We invite you to think about who makes the products you buy, and how their lives are impacted by it. At Popinjay, our artisan women get practical training, fantastic wages, dignity and a path to self-sufficiency. 

For every Popinjay product you buy, a beautiful change is happening for the hands that created it.

Meet our makers
Our Story

Popinjay began with the grand vision of providing equal opportunity to everyone on the planet.

A labor of love

Popinjay is inspired by our founder's roots in Pakistan. Growing up in a country of marvelous beauty and immense talent, Saba Gul felt inspired but also heartbroken at how this talent was stunted by a lack of opportunities. During her travels to Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, India, Bhutan and Indonesia, Saba grew inspired to connect indigenous craft to global markets, and to connect the makers of products to their consumers.

While in graduate school in the US, Saba heard the story of an Afghan girl named Azaada Khan who masked herself as a boy for 12 years to be allowed to attend school when girls were prohibited by law to get an education. Her story influenced Saba to quit her job in the US and move to Pakistan to pilot a program that provided livelihoods and education to young Pakistani women.

In winter of 2013, Saba launched the ethical fashion label Popinjay.

Saba’s dream is to create a brand that sells stunning products that are also making the world a better place. She is an alumna of MIT, where she completed both her undergraduate and graduate studies. 

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Why are we called Popinjay?

pop·in·jay noun \ˈpä-pən-ˌjā\

[Middle English, parrot, from Old French papegay, from Spanish papagayo, from Arabic babaghā]

Why a parrot? Because a parrot is a voice.

Our popinjay is the voice of good fashion, the voice of the women whose skills and stories we spread, and the voice of the customer that wants to create positive impact with their purchase.

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