Amna Malik, a Popinjay brand ambassador

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Meet Our Brand Ambassadors

Our women in Hafizabad are a force to reckon with!

Amna Malik
New York, NY

Amna first came across Popinjay's work during her own research on creative industries in Pakistan as part of her role at the UN Industrial Development Organization. This beautiful discovery led to a journey of its own. A brand ambassador before she officially became one, Amna found herself telling people at work and in her personal life all about Popinjay! She loved it so much she used us as a model for the women artisans she used to work with.

Amna believes in Pakistan's cultural heritage and wants to play her part in making it known to those unfamiliar with the brighter side of Pakistan. Having travelled far and wide, met with locals and seen what we have to offer a nation, Amna wants the world to learn more about the real us! Amna says our women in Hafizabad are a force to reckon with and recognizes that we would be lost without their skills. She enjoys the dialogue that this has opened between skilled women of another era and contemporary girls from today--both of whom have so much to learn from each other.

A true foodie, Amna will leave no stone unturned in discovering the most delicious food a place has to offer. Amna has a yen for travel and spends her time exploring any place she can! In doing so, she is taking her own experience as a Pakistani and weaving a new thread that she hopes will only contribute positively to the world.

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