Jane Miller, a Popinjay brand ambassador

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Meet Our Brand Ambassadors

“We were dirt poor. A lot of my ambition came from that.”

Jane Miller
Denver, CO

Jane is a force of nature!

One of the most energetic, compassionate women we have ever run across, her life story inspires us to no end.  From an average American girl growing up in a lower middle class home, Jane rose to become the President of a $1 billion division of Frito-Lay at just 36 years old, ran a division of BestFoods that was over $800MM in sales, and ultimately became President of Heinz in London when it was a $1.5 billion business.

Now Jane is the CEO of Rudi’s Organic breads, based in Boulder, Colorado, running a $100MM+ company in the very competitive organic and gluten-free food industry.

Jane is also a leader in career advice and public speaking. In Fall 2013, Jane’s sassy, go-to career handbook titled Sleeping Your Way To The Top, And Other Myths About Business Success is coming out. 

About her childhood Jane says:

‘We were dirt poor. My dad was a bowling alley manager, but after my folks got a divorce, he abandoned us. My mom had no skills, was a school bus driver and did other jobs - anything she could do to make money for the family, she did. A lot of my ambition came from that because I did not want to be someone who worked three jobs my whole life - education is just so critical to me, along with hard work.’

Jane is on Twitter at @jane_knows.


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