Lorraine Adams, a Popinjay brand ambassador

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“An artist's work is in no way limited or defined by her gender.”

Lorraine Adams
New York, NY

Lorraine Adams is a novelist and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist. Her first novel Harbor (2004) centered on North African Muslim stowaways. Her second novel, The Room and the Chair (2010) took her to Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan to dissect the global war on terror. She is currently writing her third novel, which is set in Lahore, Pakistan and centers on Muslim family life.

Lorraine is a big supporter of Pakistan and has traveled there many times. On her own wedding in New York, she wore a Pakistani dress. 

Adams graduated from Princeton University and received a master's degree from Columbia University in literature. As an investigative reporter for The Washington Post for eleven years, her work gravitated to issues of social justice and the marginalized. She lives in New York City with her husband, the novelist Richard Price.

Follow Lorraine on twitter at @lorraineadams

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