Mariam Malik, a Popinjay brand ambassador

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Meet Our Brand Ambassadors
Mariam Malik
Chicago, Illinois

As a strong advocate for human rights, Mariam has long been involved with organizations pursuing equality and empowerment through education. Her interest in women's rights began after college, when she worked closely with HIV+ youth and human trafficking victims in New York. This sparked years of humanitarian service work, research, and her career in medicine.

After living in NYC, England, Pakistan, and San Francisco, she returned home to the midwest for medical school. As a new resident to Chicago, Mariam has been eager to explore the city and get involved with the local community. Whether it's mountain climbing in the Canadian Rockies or safaris in the Masai Mara of Africa, Mariam truly loves travel and adventure.

Mariam became involved with Popinjay to support the empowerment of women in Pakistan through practical training.

Find Mariam on Instagram @mmalik2

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