Myra Batalvi, a Popinjay brand ambassador

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Meet Our Brand Ambassadors
Myra Batalvi
Toronto, Canada

Myra is deeply passionate about sharing Pakistan’s rich culture and beauty with the world. Her favorite thing about the country she grew up in is that traces of Pakistan’s unique splendor can be found in the most unexpected and unremarkable of places. Like the tiny village of Hafizabad, a fair drive from Lahore. Home of Popinjay.

Myra’s experiences as a female in Pakistan have made her intimately familiar with the problems that face Pakistani women today – poverty, lack of education and a deep-rooted gender inequality. She is determined to do what she can to provide Pakistani women with a level playing field and show the world just how capable they are. Needless to say, it was love at first sight for Myra when she first came across Popinjay’s gorgeous handbags and all they stand for.

In her spare time, Myra can be found exploring old bookstores and new restaurants in the city, going out dancing and watching every film Wes Anderson dreamed and did.

You can follow her on instagram @myraawwyeah

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