Zainub Naqvi, a Popinjay brand ambassador

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Meet Our Brand Ambassadors
Zainub Naqvi
Chicago, Illinois

As a fashion enthusiast, strong advocate for women's rights and lover of all things Popinjay, Zainub is very excited to be a brand ambassador.  On a recent trip to Pakistan, Zainub had the opportunity to speak to a young woman who had not attended one day of school in her entire life and instead cleaned houses to put food on the table for her family. It was this moment that inspired Zainub to pursue a cause like Popinjay's.

By profession, Zainub is a full time management consultant. She attended the University of Michigan and is a die hard Wolverine. Zainub enjoys dancing, traveling and is an avid foodie.

She also runs a blog, and you can follow her on Twitter: @zainubnaqvi or Instagram: @zainubnaqvi.

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