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La Mezquita Collection

LA MEZQUITA means the mosque. Popinjay’s La Mezquita collection is an artistic representation of the rich heritage and craft techniques manifest in Islamic Architecture.

The City of Lahore

This collection is inspired by the city of Lahore, where our female artisans are based, and where our founder Saba spent her childhood.

Lahore is a mecca of history, and home to masterpieces of Islamic Architecture, such as the majestic Badshahi Mosque with its red sandstone and marble inlay work, the Wazir Khan Mosque with its stunning colored frescos, and the Lahore Fort with its mesmerizing Sheesh Mahal or Mirror Palace.

The cultural capital of Pakistan, Lahore has captivated the hearts and minds of poets, musicians, sculptors and artists through the ages. The city's old quarters transport you to a storied age of decorative art and ancient craft techniques. This artwork adorns not just mosques but also homes, gardens, forts, palaces, baths and mausoleums.

“Lahore is a city beyond definition. It is a city that can only be felt.” - Pran Neville, Author of ‘Lahore, A Sentimental Journey’

Celebrating Islamic Architecture

While LA MEZQUITA began as a collection focused on the architecture of Lahore, as our design progressed, inspiration took root in decorative motifs from places as far as Spain and as early as the 8th century.

The collection is representative of techniques that can trace their roots to each other, and that span four distinct periods in the history of Islamic Architecture: a) Spanish/Moorish, b) Turkish/Ottoman, c) Middle Eastern, and d) the Great Mughal Empire of the Indian subcontinent.

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