Inside Popinjay: Our Makers:

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We believe the makers of products should not be nameless and faceless. We believe in offering them dignity and competitive wages.


Our main female artisan group hails from Hafizabad, one of the oldest districts in Punjab. Famous for its high-quality rice, with a major portion of Pakistan’s rice exports coming from this region, it is also home to an enterprising cohort of skilled women whose dedication to earning their own income leaves us in awe. Our Hafizabad artisans are masters in hand embroidery using silk threads, and create the embroidered fabric that goes on our handbags.

To us, these women are the epitome of resilience, optimism and dignity.


The leather craftsmanship of our handbags comes from a beautiful, ethical workshop named "Red Pearl" that we have partnered with, in the heart of Vietnam's capital, Saigon. Red Pearl's owner, Huyen Nguyen, is an entrepreneur in her own right, with 10 leather product retail outlets in Saigon. Huyen says her artisan's work with "their minds, their hands and their hearts". The skills of Huyen's artisans combined with her ethical business practices makes for a partnership that we are proud of.

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