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Teaboat Collection

Popinjay’s debut scarves collection TEABOAT is a vibrant and creative exploration of the most ceremonious tea cultures of the world. 

The Adele Silk Scarf

The first scarf to be launched in the Teaboat Collection, the Adele Silk Scarf takes its inspiration from French tea traditions.

While the populous revolution towards drinking tea is a more recent occurrence, the French elite have long adored the elegance of a cup of tea, choosing pristine china and gastronomic delicacies to pair with it. Taking cues from intricate floral patterns and soft pastel hues, the final motifs of the Adele silk scarf come together for an ornate, elegant design representative of French style.

The French scarves in Teaboat use delicate and intricate floral patterns, with an overall theme of delicacy and colors in pastels.

Silk Partnerships

Our search for the best silk & silk printing led to a partnership with a Chinese textile fabrication and printing house in Hangzhou, China, where the art of printing on silk first originated.

Fifteen hundred years ago in China, silk production was a state secret. According to legend, a Chinese empress discovered how to harvest silk when a cocoon fell into her tea. She plucked it from the teacup by the loose end of the silk, and then unraveled the whole cocoon. 

This discovery led to the harvesting of cocoons for silk strands - twisted together, these strands make the fine thread used to weave silk cloth – a smooth, strong and lustrous fabric. The Adele scarf celebrates the ancient skill of silk production and printing. 


Design Collaborations

Art Meets Fashion

Our Teaboat silk scarves were designed and sketched by Popinjay's creative team in collaboration with the Finnish illustrator, Hanna Ruusulampi. Hanna specializes in hand drawn illustrations as well as 3D patterns, and adapted her style of drawing to Popinjay’s aesthetic to create the intricate patterns of the Adele scarf. 

The Scandinavian and Nordic regions have influenced textile illustrations worldwide. Emphasizing functionality with aesthetics, their understated elegance is often characterized as modern and minimalistic; yet a plethora of Nordic design is inspired by fairy-tale and fantasy themes, making it universally appealing.

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