Inside Popinjay: The Production Process: Go Behind The Scenes To See How Our Bags Are Made From raw materials to finished products!

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Go Behind The Scenes To See How Our Bags Are Made
Sourcing of raw materials

Popinjay handbags are lovingly made using the finest leather, silk threads, satin, and suede. The bulk of our raw materials are locally sourced.

Design Process

“Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.” Brian Reed

Embroidering by the women

The highlight of our products is the embroidery - all done by hand by our female artisans in Hafizabad. It is a manifestation of their skill, their love for craft, and their determination to earn their living with dignity. The silk threads used are very fine, and it is a time-intensive process, but one that the women view as communal and fun, since it allows them to get out of their homes and mingle. The finished pieces are no less than awe-inspiring. 

Stitching and finishing the bags

The embroidered fabric is finished into handbags using leather, lining and hardware by our production partners. The bags are finished in small batches, as they are 80% handmade. The pattern makers, cutters and stitchers bring decades of experience and craft to the process.

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